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CARASTAY - Rules/Costs for RV traveler

Free usage

As a motorhome traveler, you will incur no costs in the search for RV sites that can be booked online. On CARASTAY you can always search for RV parks that offer a reservation option. Only if you want to reserve a parking space on a RV site costs may arise. These costs will be displayed and require your confirmation.

Fee for reservation

As soon as you book a RV site, service fees of up to € 1.90 will be charged per night and pitch. The costs vary according to RV park and country. The costs are required to operate the website. These costs vary because in some cases the operators of a RV site take on these costs.

Validity of a reservation

Reservations are generally valid until 18:00 on the day of arrival. If you arrive later than this, you can in many cases call the RV site operator and explicitly confirm the reservation. Reservations expire at 18:00 hrs to allow other "AdHoc" Travelers to accomodate an overnight stay. However, this does not mean that the pitch is occupied automatically by someone else. If in individual cases a RV site operator can not be reached, please contact CARASTAY support.


With everyone, the travel planning has changed sometimes. You are allowed to cancel your reservation at any time. As a matter of fairness to other travelers: please cancel as early as possible! In case of a timely cancellation, we will refund a free re-reservation via the portal.